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Kids Classes: Judo

Jodu for Kids

A predominantly ground-based martial art, Judo is a form of self-defense that uses leverage, angles and timing to ultimately achieve a non-violent submission of your opponent. It requires intense focus and discipline, making this a great activity for children who are looking for stimulation outside the screen and a fun way to get moving.



Practicing Judo benefits children’s emotional and physical health in several ways, from transforming their bodies to building self-confidence. This is a great martial art for children to study, as it:

  • Improves mental focus, coordination, posture and overall strength, while boosting their confidence.
  • Helps initiate muscle memory through complex movements.
  • Introduces self-defense skills that your children can build on as they grow.
  • Teaches children how to set goals and achieve them.
  • Provides a good environment for new friendships.
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle, including clean nutrition, good sleeping habits and hydration.
Kid in gi training
Judo kid in training


All students are required to wear a gi, which is the traditional training uniform for martial arts. We have loaners if your child doesn't have one for yet or forgets theirs. If your child is committed to practicing Judo, we recommend buying a gi.

Class – What to Expect

Each class begins with stretching and practicing safely falling onto the mat. Then we move on to teaching the practical techniques of Judo. Your child will spend most of the class performing drills using Judo techniques.


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