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NoGi for Kids

NoGi kickboxing combines the ground fighting techniques of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Folk Wrestling. What makes NoGi unique from Gi is that students learn how to take down, hold down and apply joint locks to submit opponents who are not wearing a traditional uniform, teaching them to adapt and not be over dependent on grips.



Practicing NoGi helps sharpen your child’s mental focus, coordination and body control. The high-energy routines are also a fun way to get the heart rate up while building confidence. Some key benefits from practicing NoGi are below:

  • Improves upper body strength.
  • Teaches more advanced hold-downs and control positions.
  • Faster pace of NoGi improves reflexes and quick thinking.
  • Pushes students out of their comfort zone by removing dependency on gripping the Gi, forcing them to adapt and continually modify positions.
  • Great for students who may eventually want to enter MMA or NoGi competitions, as they learn the proper controls and grips that are not focused on grabbing clothing.
Jiu Jitsu Nogi
Two boys practicing JiuJitsu


We recommend students wear protective gear as they learn and train. It’s best to avoid baggy clothes, especially those with pockets, as they can trap you or your opponent’s hands and feet during bouts. Some good options to consider wearing to NoGi class include:

  • Spats (leggings) – helps control muscle movements and protects against injury and bacteria.
  • Running shorts – worn over spats, shorts allow maximum movement and are unlikely to slip off.
  • Breathable shirt – protects against abrasions, allows free movement.
  • Rash guard – provides extra protection against abrasions.

Class – What to Expect

Students grow in each class through practicing new skills and technique work. Classes always begin with a warm-up and progress through a variety of instructions, drills and rolls.


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