Judo is a Japanese martial arts form that emphasizes grappling, joint locks and throws. The word Judo translates to “the gentle way”, likely because its techniques are generally intended to use an opponent’s force to your own advantage rather than to directly oppose it. This puts Judo in contrast to other martial arts like taekwondo and also makes it a practical one to learn for self-defense purposes even if the student is not interested in pursuing it as a competitive sport.


Judo is a great martial art for people of all ages to practice. Physically, it improves your aerobic fitness, strength, flexibility and mobility. It also teaches practical self-defense and falling skills and helps build mental toughness. Perhaps most importantly, practicing Judo gives you incredible confidence, as will learn how to take down opponents who may be much larger and even physically stronger than you. Using an opponent’s force against them requires significant balance, mobility, tenacity, strategy and discipline. And because Judo does not include kicking or punching, there is a significantly lower chance of physical injury, such as jammed or broken fingers.


A Judo gi is required clothing for classes. We have loaner gis available for first-time students.


Students grow in each class through practicing new skills and technique work, such as Nage Waza (Judo throws), Te Waza (hand techniques) and Koshi Waza (Hip techniques).


Are you interested in learning Judo, but unsure if it will be the best fit for you?

ADULT JUDO class schedule


Adult JUDO: 5:30-6:30 PM


Adult JUDO: 5:30-6:30 PM