At The Academy of Pensacola we provide professional instruction in an array of Martial Arts and Combat sports. Come join the most complete martial arts school in the area.

Variation of training

We provide class in several different disciplines of martial arts and combat sports. Whether Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Grappling, Judo, Kickboxing, or Freestyle Wrestling you will find what you need here.

Something for everyone

Men, Women, Children, and Teenagers! We have something for everyone of every size and shape. Our kids programs are top notch, offering BJJ, Judo, and Nogi grappling. Adults of any age and shape are welcome to hit the mats.

Competitors and Fighters

We encourage competition in all our arts. We have an excellent MMA team that has numerous amature and professional fighters. Come join their ranks!

BJJ & Submission Grappling

Ground based grappling arts and self defense systems.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling based martial art made famous in the United States by the Gracie Family and the first UFC events. BJJ has both self defense and sport aspects with the focus on ground grappling control, chokes, and joint lock submissions.

Submission grappling (or Nogi) is the close cousin of BJJ. It has a slightly different grappling ruleset for sport competitions and the lack of the gi (kimono) changes the techniques and strategy.

Judo & Wrestling

Olympic sports and classic combat arts rich in history

Judo is a classical Japanese martial and Olympic sport. Judo focuses on standing grappling with the primay focus being to throw your partner to the ground, pin him, or submit him.

Freestyle wrestling has roots as the oldest martial art in the world. Also an Olympic, college, and high school sport, wrestling focuses on taking down, controlling and pinning your opponent to the mat.

Kickboxing & MMA

Strikes and kicks essential to a complete martial artist

No school is complete without some standup striking. Our kickboxing class is a mix of classic American boxing, American Kickboxing, and Muay Thai strikes. This class is for everyone wanting to learn striking and get a good workout.

Our MMA team is built from students and coaches in the school. To be a team member and fight for us you must be a student attending all classes. MMA practice and sparring are held seperately in regular private sessions.


John Henson

Head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor and Owner

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

Brian Smith

Head MMA Coach and Kickboxing Instructor

Pro MMA Fighter (retired)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt

Robert Turnquest

Head Kids Instructor

Judo Black Belt

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt

Pro MMA Fighter (active)

Rico Holanda

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt

Pro MMA Fighter (retired)


Classes everyday of the week. Something for everyone.

Cost Info

Keep It Simple

  • $100 a month for an individual
  • $225 a month family rate
  • One time $25 registration fee
  • Easy monthly billing service
  • No Contracts!!!
  • Thats All!!!   Lets get started!!!!